Volleyball ACE and TapRecorder with PracticeStats for Competitive Court Volleyball

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"What a timesaver! ... we absolutely love Volleyball Ace. What a timesaver.
- JJ, HS Coach, Cadyville, NY

“My managers are LOVING the program!” - SS, Collegiate Coach, St. Paul, MN

"Great program - very easy to use. Stats have never been so easy to take." -
TR, HS Coach, Cresco, IA

“Great product” - JG, Coach, Kinsey, AL

"Excellent software-have recommended it to many other coaches"-PD, HS Coach, Oberlin, KS

"This program is wonderful! It gives our volleyball statistician ease of use, and freedom from clipboards and paperwork! Thanks" - RT, College SID, Watertown, WI

"I love the software. One person can now do what 4 used to do & I save hours of tabulating, sorting, etc." - CG, HS Coach, Bradenton, FL

"Volleyball Ace is dynamic and user friendly." - JH, Club Coach, Holliday, TX

"Really simple to use, FAST!! Great stats and incredibly intuitive-JW, HS Coach, Tucson,AZ

"Volleyball Ace knows how the game is played. When I first heard that I could keep track of all the stats for all my players and rate passes and serves with only one person-I thought 'No way.' But it is true. Dimensional Software has done their homework and produced the best volleyball stat program I have ever seen"-JS, HS & Club Coach, Shingle Springs, CA

"We love it!” - RS, Club Coach, Huntley, IL

“... am very pleased with the speed and accuracy. The information produced has been invaluable to our JO team” - DB, HS & Club Coach, Salem, OH

"Saved me a ton of time each night." - AS, HS Coach, Grand Haven, MI

"Volleyball ACE is a very well written program. It only took us a couple of matches to get used to it. We are able to keep up with the game actions, and the players are excited to see their stats in-between matches." - WT, HS Coach, Redmond, WA

"Keeping stats has been so much easier with Volleyball Ace. No time consuming calculations. Just sync, run reports and print." - VH, HS Coach, Montezuma, KS

“Volleyball Ace has made taking stats much easier... I love it”-NM, HS Coach, St.Ignace, MI

"I tried the other company's program & immediately sent it back - ACE is so much easier to use" - AC, HS Coach, Girard, OH

“So easy my 14’s can do it!” - JT, HS and Club Coach, Rockaway, NJ

"The best volleyball statistics program on the market. It is very user friendly. Provides very accurate stats" - CA, HS Coach, Macclenny, FL

"Great product. Very user friendly. JV kids could easily use to chart stats."
- GS, HS Coach, Juneau, WI

"Very user friendly, love the options and stats it provides" -JP, HS Coach, Tonawanda, NY

“Great product.” - DS, HS Coach, Newark, DE

“Only one stat person needed.” - NP, HS Coach, Cooperstown, ND

“The program is wonderful! It gives our volleyball statistician ease of use, and freedom from clipboards and paperwork! Thanks.” - Collegiate SID, WI

“ ... I like it much better than D****** S****.” - DS, HS Coach, Gray, ME

“Overall, a highly useful program. It takes a huge load off our head coaches mind because stats are so much simpler now.” - MD, HS Coach, St. Paul, MN

“Very intuitive interface, was able to start using immediately. Keep practice and game stats has helped motivate players.” - JW, HS Coach, Poquoson, VA

“This has been an excellent tool for me this year. I have enjoyed the ease of use and speed of it.” - MW, HS Coach, O'Fallon, MO

“Thank you for making such a user friendly software program” - BE, Collegiate Coach, Whiting, IN

“Enjoyed working with product.” - DS, HS Coach, Lindsborg, KS

“Absolutely fabulous, awesome.” - DF, HS Coach, Midland, GA

“Great details.” - RC, Scorekeeping Dad, Roanoke, VA

“Great program ... Thanks!” - Coach, Manitoba, Canada

“Support is great! Very helpful and patient.” - DL, Club Coach, Cave Creek, AZ

“Great job! Much better than D****** S****.” - MF, HS & Club Coach, Arlington, VA

"Volleyball Ace gives me usable stats and is easy and convenient to use. The rating feature really helped improve my team's serving. The technical support team is phenomenal" - JP, Collegiate Coach, St. George, UT

"Thanks for such a great program. Love the box scores, nice touch." - PG, Volleyball Statistician, Seattle, WA

"How long did I use paper & pencil????" - MJG, HS Coach, Luverne, MN

"I can't believe one program can collect all the stats I need with such ease. Percentages, efficiencies, charts, ratings, attempts, scoresheets ... it's all there."- AS, Club Coach, D-ITUP Volleyball Club, Sunnyvale, CA

"This new version is great! We love being able to do a shot chart and show winning shots during a timeout ... the program is so user friendly that my 7th graders are able to stat games. Thanks so much!" - VM, HS Coach, Simla, CO

"It is easy to use and so far I have been VERY impressed!" - RW, Club Director and Coach, McPherson, KS "Your software is awesome - it saves me approximately 3 - 4 hours per week (at a minimum)!!!!! - AC, HS Coach, Beatrice, NE

"I have installed the software on my HandSpring and it works great. It installed very easily and it was extremely easy to use. I did not even have to refer to the manual. The software is great!" - Referee, Pontiac, MI

"I'd like to take the time to let you know that we love your product. I didn't have to spend hours recounting stats after our JVs messed them up. It was a breeze to get the stats into the paper. Thanks again for such a time saving product." - ST, HS Coach, Cortland, OH